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Get to know Andrew

Hello! My name is Andrew O'Malley, and I'm a Performance & Life Coach based out of Montreal, Canada. 


My Education and Experience

I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science. I also received my Life Coaching Certification from the Centre of Applied Neuroscience; where I focused on the human brain and optimizing behaviour. 


Leveraging nearly 10 years of experience studying the human brain, my approach as a Performance & Life Coach helps clients unlearn old beliefs and habits, and dial in on the actions that drive positive results in their lives and businesses.


My Mission and Goal

My mission as a coach and an entrepreneur is to be a role model for underrepresented communities. As a queer person of colour, I share my story in the media to connect with others who have experienced marginalization or feelings of 'otherness'. 


My goal is to inspire people to live authentically so that they can create happy, vibrant lives for themselves.

High Performance Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Entertainers

Online Coaching Session

3 Sessions  x  1 hour per Session


Topics Covered in the Sessions

Breakdown of your current projects

Roadblocks preventing you from reaching your targets and goals

Tools to reduce friction and increase efficiency

Outcome of the Sessions

Learn how to hit massive goals consistently

Unlearn the habits that are holding you back from success

Dial in on the key actions that will produce results for your personal and professional life

Systematize your approach to achieve long-term success

Life Coaching for LGBTQ+

Online Coaching Session

3 Sessions  x  1 hour per Session


Topics Covered in the Sessions

Discovering your inner confidence and creating deeper self-love

Building community, a strong network, and a caring support system

Navigating social situations in heteronormative environments

Setting yourself up for success in the workplace

Outcome of the Sessions

Healthier connections with your mind, body, and spirit

Deeper relationships with friends and family

Confidence to excel at work and drive your career forward

Career Coaching

Online Coaching Session

1 Session  x  1 hour


Topics Covered in the Session

Discovering your unique skills and passions

Road mapping your career path to success

Building a million-dollar network

Outcome of the Session

Gain clarity on the direction you want to take your career and the practical steps that will get you there.

Identify the skills & expertise you need to develop and become a stand-out candidate in the job market.

Learn how to interview confidently and leave the interviewer invested in your success.

Andrew O'Malley

Please reach out if you have any questions, or wish to say hello and introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!