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Hello! My name is Shafaq Tirmizi, and I'm a Certified Mindset Success Coach & Strategist based out of Toronto, Canada. 


I help clients who are ambitious but overworking themselves, are ready to be challenged but need self-compassion, are high achievers but can’t celebrate their wins, discover themselves and succeed in life.


I am able to do that with ease because my strength lies in seeing people for who they really are underneath their labels. I create the space for people to be whoever they want to be, even if that doesn’t align with their perceived identity.


I coach the person behind the persona! Together, we will nurture the most important relationship of your life – the relationship with yourself. 

Mindset Success Coaching

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Life throws many surprises at us and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to situations.

In our coaching sessions, you'll learn how to:

Exert your power of choice over whatever life throws at you

Accept what you can and cannot control

Navigate the balance between doing and being

Manifest and achieve your wildest dreams

Cultivate a happier and healthier life

My job is to give you the knowledge, tools & techniques to achieve a balanced fulfilling life.

Clients I have worked with

" I highly recommend Shafaq as a coach. She was able to make an impact even within the first session. 


Shafaq helped me discover what I should be focusing on, the immediate next steps to take and the accountability I needed to accomplish my goals. 


She is attentive and accepting while also being honest about calling my bullshit. The sessions with Shafaq are transformational. No regrets here. " S.K.

" Shafaq is an extraordinary coach! She always pushed me to look at things differently and helped me broaden my horizons. 


Her ability to read in between the lines and her rephrasing skills were filled with amazing aha moments for me.


Her beautiful smile and amazing energy naturally brings out the best in people. 

I am so fortunate to have had her as my coach and I will continue working with her. Thank you Shafaq! " E.H.

" Shafaq showed me how to look at different angles into my relationship and what it had been based on in the past, which is really eye-opening. It helped me improve my relationship at home which I really wanted to work on. 


Working with Shafaq has helped me open up a channel of communication between me and my partner, which was completely shut down. 


Now it isn't, now we actually talk. We don't talk every day but we talk more than we did. I also have massive direction in where I want to go in my relationships & in my business! " D.B.

" I asked for a greater sense of equanimity for the purpose of rising to the challenges of life.


I gradually went beyond challenging myself to a place where I don't need to challenge myself. 


Life changed from something to conquer to something to live. " H.J.

" I felt an instant connection with Shafaq. She brought her bright and comforting personality to our sessions which made it easy for me to open up and go deeper into the thought-provoking process of coaching.


She helped me connect the dots and showed me that I truly have the answers within me, I even have the tools - I just needed to be directed to my toolbox, and she is there for me to guide me through it. 


I look forward to continuing to work with Shafaq and exploring the horizons of this journey together. " N.P.

Let's succeed together!

You are an ambitious, driven, passionate leader, with big goals and high aspirations.


Your sense of accomplishment is not fulfilled unless you commit big, and then see to it that it’s done perfectly.


You’re basically everyone’s "Get Shit Done" person!


A visionary, always looking ahead, always challenging yourself.


This persona also translates into being the rock of the family, managing everyone’s emotions.

Shafaq Tirmizi

Please reach out if you have any questions, or wish to say hello and introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!